Our Products


In our day, we grow from sunup to sundown...The bread starts to rise, the rooster crows, the gentle "Mooo" are the first signs of a beautiful day on Spring Brook Farm. Everything here is handmade not just homemade ...


The grain the livestock eat, the produce and plants, flowers for the table

Our Meats

Spring Brook Farm has been awarded 1st place 'Best Beef and Meats' by Readers Choice Awards. Our farm raised beef is fed with our own grain grown right here on the farm. There is nothing more fresh and wholesome than local farm raised meats. 


Our Plants

Our greenhouse bursts with life and color for your growing pleasures!  Hanging plants, terrariums  potted plants and herbs available all year long for the perfect shot of green to your life.


Our Produce

Our award winning produce is the best local example of the perfect farm to table taste! Every season brings summer-time freshness to your table.

Our Preserves

We preserve our fruits  for year round enjoyment... jams, jellies as well as preserves are Spring Brook Farms' specialties.

Our Flowers

Whether from our greenhouses or our fields ... Spring Brook Farm not only brings food to the table but decorates it as well. A field bouquet is the perfect fresh gift for that special someone or a treat for yourself!

Our Baked Goods

The smell of fresh baked goods wafts from our farm kitchen everyday...Pies, breads, pastries as well as seasonal novelties are farm fresh in our store daily. Don't forget to order your holiday pies and breads!

Our Eggs

Our eggs, fresh daily. Also available seasonally are duck and goose eggs from a local farmer. 

Our Honey

Spring Brook Farm partners with Carlisle Honey to bring you the very best in nature's sweetness. The hives at Spring Brook Farm are home to the bees that bring you Carlisle Honey Products and help keep our Eco-system healthy.


Our CSA: 

Community Supported Agriculture

Helping the community, helping the farmers...

Freedom Shares

Our 'Freedom Shares' program was developed to give the community all the benefits of a CSA Program without the disadvantages.  Purchase a Freedom Shares coupon booklet for $275.00 and get $300.00 worth of FARM FRESH GOODS.... when you want it ...always fresh ... right here, where it has been grown with care and love!